Monday, September 28, 2009

This past saturday was crazy, as usual, but such a good weekend. I started Saturday out by making ham-n-cream cheese roll ups and a cheeseball for Ashley's shower. The shower was a great success! Melody made amazing desserts and alot of Ashley's friends and family were there for the fun! :)
After the shower I came home changed my clothes and went to Ronda's house. (Rob fixed her car, and I went to the broadcast with her.) The Relief Society broadcast was amazing-I'm so glad I was able to go All the speakers gave great talks. It was also fun to see all the people I hadn't seen for a while from the ward and stake I grew up in, I love seeing friends to chat with! :)
After the broadcast I was at Ronda's waiting for my husband to come get me when My Uncle Lewis and Aunt Gayla stopped by for a surprise visit. It was fun to chat and catch up with them for a bit.
Later that night we hung out with our good friends Ky and Kami! We had fun watching a movie, eating brownies and ice cream, and talking about the baby they are expecting in march!! :)
I love weekends and they never last long enough!