Sunday, February 26, 2017

8 week Challenge Completion

8 weeks ago I started Kristy Jo Hunt's Body buddies 8 week challenge

I was at the the largest weight I had ever been, I was very discouraged and needed something to motivate me to change!
I felt like I was worth the investment and decided to take the plunge, and commit.

here are my stats in 8 weeks
chest : down 1.5 inches
waist: down 3 inches
hips: down 1/2 inch
Inner thigh: down 3/4 of an inch
Lower quad: down 2.25 inches
Calves: down 1/2 an inch
Biceps: down 3/4 of an inch
Shoulders: down 4.5 inches
Weight : Down 17.2 pounds

I have taken photos each week throughout this challenge. I feel that there isn't much physical change apparent. That discourages me quite a bit, but the weight is coming down, and I am losing inches. So I will continue with my efforts and hope for the best!

This challenge has been way more than just a physical change! I feel I have grown, mentally and spiritually through out the past 8 weeks.
I am more aware of what I eat and when and why.
I don't beat myself up over set backs
I get excited about trying and creating new powerfood combinations!
I now realize food is not the enemy. I really enjoy delicious meals, and indulge occasionally with my favorite foods. I just accompany my favorite foods with a protein and a veggie, and watch my portion sizes and stop when I am full.

Powerfoods lifestyle and PCOS

I feel like this way of eating, especially cutting out dairy and gluten have immensely improved my health!
I know have regular menstrual cycles. (Because of PCOS I have rarely had periods unless induced my medication.
My acne has completely cleared up! (amazing what cutting out dairy can do!)
I don't get an upset stomach as often! (I used to get queasy all the time, and just feel bloated, even when I was eating "healthy")
I have more energy!
My moods have improved. I am not nearly as sad and gloomy as I was before I cut gluten and dairy and started eating strategically with the powerfoods lifestyle!

I am so glad I took the leap and completed this challenge. My family has become more aware of the power of eating well!
I will continue to follow the principles of the powerfoods lifestyle even though the challenge is over, because I recognize and appreciate all the benefits that come with this lifestyle!

I couldn't have done as well without the coaching help I received from Kristy Hunt! She puts so much effort into helping her clients and friends! She got up and went to the gym one morning at 430 to record a video of herself doing upper body super sets because she knew it would help me! that act alone made me way more motivated to really give my exercise routines my best effort! She believed in me, that helped me believe in myself!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Health Challenge Check in!

I am just beginning week 7.

In 6 weeks I have lost 12 pounds.

I really pushed myself in my workouts this week.

I followed my exercise plan exactly and really pushed my cardio. The weather has been beautiful. I went running outside 4 days this week after my strength training.

I am disappointed that my weight isn't coming off faster. I'm sure it is my pcos slowing me down, but it is still very frustrating!!

I will continue in my efforts in nutrition and excercise and hope the positive changes speed up eventually. I need to focus on the fact that I am losing weight, even if it isn't coming off as fast as I want it to.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

check in

I'm in week five of my 8 week health challenge.


I've lost ten pounds.

I've lost several inches.

I'm a little discouraged that I'm not losing weight faster, or seeing more physical changes.

I am determined to be a healthy weight, and size. I want more energy, and better health. I want to avoid health problems and pain, knowing I am taking the best care of myself.


I need to improve on my workouts, I'm exercising daily but not giving it my all! I need to push harder, and be more strategic! Monday I really pushed myself, did 40 minutes of strength training, then went running outside (in 19 degree weather) and felt amazing afterward!

I love learning more, learning about the science of weight loss, macros, and how our bodies process it all.

I get frustrated with the food industry. Why is it harder to find and more expensive to buy; natural peanut butter, and raw honey, nitrate free hormone free bacon, gluten free foods, dairy free foods, etc?

My family is eating healthier. Partly because I'm cooking healthier, and keeping more veggies and lean protein in the house, but partly because they see how I'm eating and how easy it is, and how my health is improving.

It is easier when I have all my prep done, all I have to do is grab prepped meals and reheat them. I am less tempted to eat unhealthy when i dont have to think about what I want to make.

I love JDJ Nutrition protein powders. They are delicious, they blend great, and this company has amazing service. They have local delivery and deliver same day or next day!!

I'm excited to see where this journey will lead me!!

Until next time, friends!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Life style change and more

A couple months ago I started to feel discouraged about my health and weight. I felt I couldn't exercise because it's freezing and usually snowing here in Bountiful. I felt like I needed cheese and bread, pizza, comfort food, etc.

One day I was listening to a podcast on the body-buddies website. AND IT HIT ME, I AM WORTH THE MONEY THE TIME AND THE EFFORT TO BECOME HEALTHY!

So at the end of December I committed to do Kristy's 8 week powerfoods lifetyle challenge. I printed off the documents I needed, bought the groceries required for the provided meal plans, and committed to do better for my body and health!

I am now in week four of this challenge. I am down 9 pounds, and feeling great! I have made daily exercise a habit! I am learning how easy it can be to eat strategically, and how very important it is. I even started a period (which with my pcos- doesn't happen with out medications inducing it!!)

After a coaching call with Kristy (part of the 8 week challenge) she suggested I go gluten free and dairy free to help with my PCOS symptoms. I'm apprehensive to be honest. Im the girl who doesn't think there is food in the house if there is no cheese. I could eat pizza for every meal and never get sick of it..... never!

But I've come to the conclusion, that I want to be healthy and feel good. I don't want to be held back by limitations my body or pcos may bring. If giving up gluten and dairy make me feel better, look better, give me more confidence, and help me love my body; then it is a small sacrifice.

I meal prep

I exercise using weights and youtube videos of workout routines in my house.

I walk with a friend once a week

I buy strategic foods so I have plenty of variety in my meals.

I am excited to see where this takes me, and to find out all I can learn to becoming a stronger, (hopefully leaner) healthier me!!