Monday, November 7, 2011


The last 6 months have probably been the hardest of my life so far. At times I have felt sorry for myself and wondered why I had to go through the trials I have been experiencing, but today as I was in the Truck with my husband Rob and my baby Ryder I looked over at Rob as we were driving down the road and it just randomly hit me-how much I have to be grateful for I began to feel so blessed as I thought of all that I have.
  • I have a handsome husband who loves me and would do anything for me
  • I have a son who is adorable, strong, smart, hilarious, happy and who makes every day a great day!
  • I have a great place to live
  • I have wonderful hair clients
  • I tend an adorable little girl 5 days a week
  • I have a dependable car
  • I have a phone that allows me instant access to scriptures, conference talks, lesson manuals, etc
  • I have family whom I am in contact with daily
  • I have friends that have taught me to coupon and have taught me how to spreadsheet a budget
  • I have friends who care about me, who text and call me just to see how I'm doing
  • I am in a wonderful ward full of friends
  • I am grateful for the temple and the peace and answers I can find there
  • I am grateful for the gospel and all it brings to my life
  • I am grateful for all the opportunities life provides
I could probably go on and on but the point is this too shall pass.... In this lifetime we have hard times and good times and everything in between. I may be going through a rough time now, but things will get better someday and in the meantime I have a whole lot to be grateful for! I am so blessed and grateful for all I have. I love being able to be home with my Ryder. He is getting bigger and cuter and learning more and doing more each day! Being a mom is the best job ever!