Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have you played this game?

What game am I talking about? Monopoly deal! I love it! It's a new favorite. Tied with Rummikub (and that's serious business-I love me some rummikub ha ha) Monopoly deal has all the fun of monopoly- the owning properties and houses, paying people money, competing, winning, etc. The factor that makes monopoly deal so much better than regular monopoly is that it doesn't take near as long to play? It's a fast pace card game! Yep- I said card game! No game board no pieces, just cards......and I love it.
We played it a few weeks ago at a friends house and loved it so much we had to go and buy it asap. It is a cheap game too! It was $5 dollars at walmart! Can you really beat a game that super fun, fast paced, addicting and well priced??? I think not!
If you ar enot convinced of how very cool this game is...............well the only solution is to come on over and play it with us! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


We bought a new truck just over a month ago and it has four wheel drive is a four door and has a diesel engine. We were looking forward to seeing what it could do. Taking it camping this last weekend we were able to use the four wheel drive. Put the dog in the back seat, pull our trailer and have a four wheeler in the bed of the truck without killing our gas mileage. :)
We were so looking forward to this camping trip, but on Friday there were lots of delays. First Rob got off work later than he planned on then he accidentally locked the truck keys inside the trailer, then once we got all that figured out there were traffic delays. We were at a dead standstill on the free way for over an hour. We didn't get to Summit mountain until about 8:30 pm, hours behind schedule.
After that is was fantastic. The weather was nice and cool. The food was delicious. It was a fun little get away. We read books and played games, went on a few four wheeler rides, hung out and relaxed. It was nice having the trailer so when we ate and slept we weren't bothered by bugs. It was a fun trip. Rob thinks we need to do it again this weekend?