Sunday, October 25, 2009

A night out

Last night Rob and I hung out with two of our favorite people, Shyrel and Bo. We Had dinner prepared and cooked by Bo, Which was very impressive and delicious. After dinner we watched Beetleguese. Interesting movie-which I had not watched before! I suppose I always thought a movie called Beetleguese would be a bit more about Beetleguese? Anyway it is a super random movie? But we had a good time watching it. :)
After the movie we drove to washington fields to go to The Field Of Screams!! I honestly was super apprehensive before hand. I do not like getting scared! I went a couple of years ago and it was scary!! But last night I had a blast. Bo and Shyrel got alot more scared than Rob and I did, which was entertaining in and of itself. When the scary people would jump out in front of us I would hurriedly, and cheerfully, say hello! (At first I think I would do it so I wouldn't get scared) But it actually was funny to see the actors reactions to my cheerful response instead of a scream.
At one point in the maze a scary little creature started following me and said "Hey Claudia, it's me, Malone!" The funny part is I acted like it was no big deal said hello and hugged a kid that I used to tend a bit and have known his family for years. Shyrel, on the other hand was nervous that one of the scary actors knew my name, ha ha. I am definitely a fan of the Field of Screams!
After the Field Of Screams the four of us went to Ice Berg for Ice cream. I had the most amazing shake! Pumpkin cookie dough-two of my favorite flavors in the world! :) Anyway we all got our ice cream and sat down and had a good time chatting, being silly, and having fun!!
I'm so glad Rob and I got out of the house and did something random and fun. Life has been crazy busy lately and I think we definitely needed the break in the norm. We had a blast last night! :) Good friends, good food, and great entertainment! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun with some fam!

Rob and I were able to go to provo and hang out with my sister and her family. My nieces are 3, 1, and my new nephew is only a few days old! Rob and I had a blast hanging out with kids and visiting with my sister and her husband. Here are a few pics of our fun! Shyanna loves to dance for us with her eyes closed, which is very entertaining(she falls alot, since her eyes are closed.)