Sunday, August 8, 2010


A few weeks ago I realized I was having a hard time being happy and looking on the positive side of things. At first I brushed it off as being too tired or whatever. Well after a few days I decided I ws tired of being down so I decided to change it. I thought about it and figured out I was getting discouraged by my lack of a social life. I used to be super social and over the last year and a half I have become less and less social.
I prayed and prayed for friends or comfort or just to be able to get over it and be happy. Well a day or two later I went to walmart and ran into three different friends who all made plans with me to get together that week. One friend planned to help me learn to sew. One friend planned a play date for her daughter to play with the kids I tend, and the other just planned to stop by and see my house(since she hadn't seen my new place yet. So, I've pretty much figured out prayers can even be answered at walmart lol!
Well since that time a few weeks ago when I was feeling down. Ive decided I was gonna be crafty! I've learned how to make hair bows, sewed a hot pad, sewed curtains for our camping trailer, and working on many more crafty projects. I have also taken up training for a 5K. I am training with my friends Annie and Ashlye. I look forward to our mon-wed-fri runs! It's fun to get together and chat as we get into shape together!
I don't know why I was so discouraged a few weeks go, maybe it's because I tend kids at home, and do hair at home, and cook, clean and live at home- my life wasn't balanced-I was always at home. But today I am feeling much better and have been for the past few weeks. I regularly see friends, I am trying to eat healthy and get in shape, and I'm learning new crafting skills! I am so thankful for all I have and all I've been blessed with! I have incredible friends and an amazing husband that make my life fantastic!

I would post pictures of my new crafts and trips we've gone on lately but my blog is being difficult today so I will try again soon! (sorry!)