Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rusty Is One!

Oh what a year we have had. I can't believe my baby is One already!! I should be ready to have another one, by the time my baby is one, right?! Well we are not quite ready to have another one anytime soon. Rusty is our challenge child so far. He cries most of the time, and fights eating and sleeping, and most everything else. But he is hilarious and smart when he wants to be, he has the biggest blue eyes, and he has the cutest little voice. He loves to say uh oh, just to hear himself say uh oh. He probably says it a hundred times a day.

A few of Rustin's favorite things:

Out doors- we went on a hike this past week, and for the first time ever (i think) he went hours, I repeat hours, without crying!!! He was soooo happy to be out hiking and having the wide open view of the outdoors.

Being naked- this silly boy does not like clothes on...

Doing anything and everything his brother does.

climbing in the dishwasher

Bath time

stuffed animals- he hugs and kisses them-its so cute!

cars- he makes car sound and drives them back and forth

to be held-constantly :)

Rustin has been so close to walking for so long that I thought for sure he would be walking by his birthday, but it has

n't happened yet, but I expect it to occur soon. He pulls up to everything and will stand on his own for a minute or two has taken a step here or there, but has mastered crawling quickly so for now he prefers that.

WE are having a blast watching this crazy rambunctious boy grow up!! He is so full of energy, he is a bit full of drama, but that just keeps it more interesting for us, right?

For his party we celebrated his "Rookie" year, and incorporated basket ball, soccer, baseball, and football into the celebration.

We had:
football Ice cream- that had caramel filled footballs in it
basketball cupcakes
baseball cupcakes
football cookies-homemade oreos shaped into footballs
carrot&cucumber&dip basketball
Water bottles with sports labels
mini hot dogs
and Rustin got to enjoy a basketball cake- he didn't really enjoy it but it looked cute??!!/awesome!!

enjoy the pictures :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

A lesson I needed

Yesterday I wasn't in a good mood going to church, I was bugged at Rob for turning the tv on on a sunday to a violent movie, I was bugged the house was a mess, and still bummed about the party the night before.

Ryder was frustrating through sacrament meeting, and Rob had already taken Rustin out to the foyer because he was screaming...

I went to Sunday school, It was ok, but still I thought about how Rustin was probably crying in Robs arms in primary?

A cool thing I did learn in Sunday school is its okay to question god if only we do it the correct way and go to him for the answers, We can ask how to fulfill a commandment, or how to endure a trial, etc etc. It was a new perspective for me.

Then RS started, and on the board were written about 25 scripture refrences.. I thought , " OH great we are just going to spend the whole day reading scriptures, I should just go find Rusty and go home... but I didn't even though moments later Rob came and gave me the keys, informing me him and Rusty were walking home... (Rusty screams bloody murder constantly, there is no reason to disrupt everyone in the whole chapel....)

Well the teacher, who is actually an english teacher by profession, asked us who we wanted to understand the scriptures, or to gain a testimony of the scriptures and made a list: Spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, co workers, leaders, teachers, VTees, etc

Then she had people around the room read quotes from prophets that were promises of scripture reading.

It was so inspired, The lady who read a quote about the promise of peace and obedient children and less contention in the home from reading scriptures, was read by a young mother who has 3 kids under 2...

The quote about scripture power was read by a mom who has been struggling with bed time for her 2 year old but as soon as they started reading scriptures with their small children they started going to bed on time....

There were several quotes... and several people who read them and somehow what was read directly correlated with something going on in their personal lives... talk about inspiration

Then we were told to pick a scripture from those written on the board and read them quietly to ourselves... then we were put in groups and discuss what principles we learned from what we read...

What I thought was going to be a boring lesson turned into one of the most inspiring lessons I've ever been a part of, and it was exactly what I needed that day.

I want to read scriptures and bring that spirit into my home so my family can have those things promised by the prophets to those who make scripture reading a regular part of their everyday lives.