Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ryder is 9 months old! I can't believe it. He loves to clap and play patty cake and peek A boo. He says mom Dad and ball he's been sitting up wonderfully for months! He is being stubborn about crawling...oh well it will happen someday. He is 29 inches tall and 20 pounds. We are no longer owners of a dog. I am ecstatic about it, but I think it makes Rob sad so I try not to show how happy I am.i love not having dog hair everywhere, I love not worrying about choncho barking and waking up Ryder, I love not having to worry about choncho being too close to Ryder? With a small child in the house I just don't think it's a good idea to have a big dog. As far as our new calling goes it's been a fun adventure! the next sport we are doing is futsol, something I have never heard of? So I will have some research! Last week my sister Jan came down for a few days it was so fun to spend time with her and her kids! I wish we lived closer to each other! I'm glad I am so close to my sister even though we don't live near each other