Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings

The first picture is a picture of our first Christmas tree! It doesn't have very many ornaments on it, but it was fun to decorate our first tree together!! The second picture is a picture of us with Rob's family at a family Christmas party in SLC. The third picture is of Rob and I at his family Christmas party, and the last picture is us with my sister Jan, her husband Jared, their three kids, and my mom! :) We have had a great first christmas together! We were able to spend alot of time with both of our families. We painted cookies, cut down a tree form the mountains, went to a few parties, made Christmas treats, went to The Forgotten Carols, drove around and looked at Christmas lights, and enjoyed alot of good food this Christmas season! :) We are very blessed! We live a great life and had an amazing Christmas! :)