Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last little while in my life!

We are moving to a duplex in the middle of St. George. The place we are moving to is larger, newer, and has much more storage space! We are very excited to have a yard, a shed, a garage, a 3rd bedroom, and I am very excited for the giant walk-in pantry! :) This weekend we have been moving stuff over putting stuff away and decorating! It is so nice to have a bigger place! I've been having lots of fun getting it ready for us! The McFadden's (the people I nanny for) are renting it to us, for which we are very grateful to rent from people we know! I'm excited to live there for so many reasons. In this new place I have a room that's just for me. I already have it set up to do hair in! (I don't have a shampoo bowl unfortunately-but everything else is there: hydraulic chair, mirror, and all necessary haircutting, coloring and styling supplies.) The room with the salon stuff also is big enough to have all my scrap-booking and office supplies on the other side of it! I'm excited to have a room for ME!
So, for the past three years I have been a Nanny for the McFadden's. They have five kids, who I adore. This year most of the kids are in school, so I have just been tending their youngest boy, Cash, at my house! He is such a smart, cute, hilarious, smart kid. I love everyday I'm able to spend with him. For the past couple of months, I've also had the opportunity to tend Gwen, my friend Ashley's baby! Gwen is an adorable chubby girl, who both Cash and I enjoy having around!