Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wedding plans are coming along wonderfully!!

On Thursday we found out that we got the apartment that we wanted so we have a place to live once we get married!! Rob can move in as early as tomorrow!! and our announcements are finished and look spectacular!!
I have Rob's ring paid for and in my possession!! Im so excited that everything is coming together and going so well and starting to feel so real!!
There are 8 weeks left until the big day-sometimes it feels too soon when I think of tasks that must be accomplished, and at other times it seems to be so far away!! But tasks are getting accomplished and weddings plans are fun and perfect at this point-YAY!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Being Engaged!!

I've always believed being engaged is this wonderful leisurely time in life where you and your fiance live in some kind of lovey dovey bliss?! Well turns out I was wrong!! Being engaged is crazy!!!
Don't get me wrong-It's fun and exciting and there is lots of love, but there is stress and worry and apprehension that I personally did not know was part of this whole state of being engaged!!
Now that I know I can enjoy this crazy/fun state that we are currently in! It's fun thinking of colors, flowers, wedding cakes, wedding dresses, etc etc, all things lovely and pretty and wedding-like!!
Being engaged means marriage is coming and I am thrilled to be marrying the love of my life!!
I'm engaged to a kind of man, that at one point I didn't know existed!! He is funny and smart and treats me like a queen! I love that we have been best friends for a long time before we ever dated it makes our relationship that much more special!!