Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This is getting real!!!

We are moving up north next week!!! its been frustrating stressful crazy fast. I know its what will be best for the future of our family, but sometimes it just feels so hard.

I LOVE summer and I feel like I didnt get a summer last year, because of all my kidney problems and hospital visits, This summer all I want to do is go to the library and the pool and the splash pads and instead i have so much packing and cleaning and moving preparations to do.

Hopefully we can get settled into our new home soon and feel better about the future and all the changes occuring!

meanwhile we are living the adventure of a lifetime! HA!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Adventure

When I got Married in 2009. I was a Hair Stylist, a Nanny, and a waitress. Rob was a Mechanic. I figured this as step one in settling down.

With our Careers we could make a good life.

In 2011 We had Ryder, six weeks before his due date. It was scary and unexpected to say the least. I couldn't imagine leaving my baby who was on oxygen at home hooked up to all kinds of machines. I decided I was no longer going to work in a salon away from my baby. I could nanny from home. So the plan for our lives changed a bit, but not alot. I still did hair, just from home, and Rob still had a lucrative job. I still was a nanny, just at my own home.

In 2012 i thought we made one of our final steps in settling down. I had wanted to buy a house for years. My goal was always to buy a house by the time I turned 25. I was 24 when We bought our house.

Then in 2013 the unexpected happen- Rob lost his job as a mechanic. Two weeks before our second son Rustin was born. We were shocked, devastated, and realized that maybe we weren't as "settled" as we thought. But I figured, we survived Ryder coming early, we survived the law suit against the insurance company that wouldn't pay Ryder's 30k worth of hospital bills.

But, a few months later, Rob found another job, with great benefits, but making a lot less money. I just kept thinking, it will work out something better will come along, or Rob would get a promotion, or some amazing job would just fall into our laps, I mean we were almost "settled"

Well here we are in the year 2016, and not much has changed in three years. We now have a family of five! But we have felt stuck for a while now and nothing seems to be changing.

A few months ago I had a feeling that something big was going to happen, something good, but something big. At first I kind of blew off the thought, figured it was my over active imagination or wishful thinking. then I thought; well maybe Rob will get a promotion or some awesome job will come up.

But The truth is something amazing didnt just fall into our laps. But I do think my years of prayers have been answered and I believe it got a kick off with a simple conversation with my cousin who is an A&P certified Aircraft Mechanic. At a family party Rob and I were talking to my cousin, and something just clicked with me and Rob. I've asked Rob for three years what does he want to do, where does he want to go from here. His response has always been, I don't know, or I'm not sure. Or I don't think I've come across the answer yet.

Rob is motivated, excited and decisive about this path for our future. I am very excited and supportive of this new development in our lives.
Rob is enrolled at SLLC to study becoming a Licensed A&P aircraft Mechanic.

He starts school: August 24th

WE will move' (sometime before that)

We sold our house ...... (it has a pending offer)

WE will live @ Somewhere near Salt Lake international airport? Since that is where his classes will be. I'm sure some amazing deal will come up just when we need it to, it seems everything else has happened that way since we made the decision to go down this path!

This is our new adventure!

We are far from "settled" but we feel very strongly this new direction was always part of the plan, we just didn't know it yet!

It's never too late to start the rest of your life! So here we go!

There has been times, a lot of times, lately that my heart feels heavy, and my body tired, and my mind fuzzy, and my soul discouraged. I'm lonely as Rob works 60+ weeks and devotes time and effort and hours away from us to his scout calling, and I struggle with a fussy baby and energetic strong willed little boys. But now, since we've made this decision, and started down this path. I feel lighter, I feel Joy. He worked a 14 hour day today. I saw him for less than two hours before he had to go to bed again to wake up tomorrow and work another 14 hour day. But now I know this isn't the end for us, this isn't going to be how the rest of our lives are going to be. Some day we will see Rob more, he will be able to spend more time with us, and we will be more financially secure.

I may not have all the answers and there is a lot that is still unknown, But I know the future is full of wonderful surprises and adventures, and I can smile and truly feel happy, knowing our future is bright and full of hope and faith.