Monday, October 26, 2015


August 24th was the day Raelee joined our family.

I was scheduled to be induced. My doctor was concerned that she was going to be quite large since this was the longest I had carried a baby and Rustin was quite large for coming two weeks early. Even at the hospital the day she was born I told the Dr. that I was hoping since she was a girl that she would be small and petite. He told me that I was wishful thinking.

Well I got to the hospital at 630am on August 24th. The hospital had called me at 530 and asked that I arrive at 630.

I was started on pitocin right away. I was feeling pretty good for a couple of hours. I could feel the contractions but could handle them pretty well. Around 830 am Dr. Thompson came and broke my water. The nurses didnt think he would because the bay was sitll quite high but he was able to feel the baby's head and thought it would be a good time to break my water. It was an interesting feeling...
by 10 am the contractions were getting pretty bad, so I asked for an epidural. After my epidural I progressed quickly. Dr T came back to check me around 12:45 the nurses said I was ready to push. Dr T said something funny I dont even remember what he said but i was laughing quite hard and he commented on the fact that only I would laugh during labor. After a few practice pushes we were waiting for a contraction for the next push and Dr T asked the nurse if that was a contraction and she said no thats all mom. He laughed and said I guess we don't need to wait for a contraction shes going to laugh this baby out. So I started pushing and she came out after a couple pushes and was born at 1:07pm. It was my easiest least stressful birth so far. She was only 7 lbs 4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. I stayed in the hospital for two nights. It was crazy because Ryder was starting school that week and so Rob stayed home with the boys and took ryder to school and would come check up on me in the days and Ronda would come visit after work. it was nice to not have to worry about housework or making meals etc for a couple days and to jus tbe pampered in the hospital. I didnt have help once I got home, Rob had to get right back to work and Ronda wasnt able to get time off from work. So I was glad I stayed the extra day in the hospital to get some much needed rest.

We have had so much fun having a girl in the house! HAving three kids wasnt as hard of a transition as I feared, not so far at least.:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Miracle

Disclaimer: this post is going to be long and full of detail, just FYI! :)

When I was seventeen I was diagnosed with PCOS. At that time I was told that I may have difficulty having children someday.
When we got married in 2009, We knew we wanted a family, but knew it may not be easy. We discussed adoption and fertility treatments. We decided to try without medical intervention for a year to just see what happened. At the end of that year we were still not pregnant so we went to the Dr. The Dr. prescribed Provera (a pill to cause me to have periods, since I was not having them on my own) and then a medication called Femara,(an ovulation medication known to work better for women with pcos) I did one cycle of this treatment and had a period on my own the next month then took the femara, and by the next month I was pregnant?!!! We were so excited it only took two months of fertilty pills to get pregnant.

When the time came that we wanted another baby we again started the provera and femara. After the first month my period came on its own so from then on I only needed to take the femara each month. But this time it took 6 months to get pregnant opposed to the two it took the first time.
We were grateful we were able to get pregnant at all and just figured every time we wanted to get pregnant we would have to use fertility meds to do so.

This year has been a busy year with Rob going to school and working lots of over time at work there has been little to no family time. We have always wanted our kids close in age, but didnt see how that would be possible. Fertility medications cost quite a bit, and we just didnt have the time to plan around fertility treatments. We were saddened by this but figured we would consider starting fertility medications once Rob was done with school.

Well during the last couple years I have been trying really hard to exercise and eat strategically. My goal was to lose weight. Well I didn't lose much weight but in March I started having monthly periods which I never had before on my own without medication involved somehow. So the exercising and eating better helped my body to function better, even if I wasn't losing weight. Then in December I was expecting my period around Christmas time. It never came. When I took a pregnancy test-it was negative. By New years my period was still late, so I decided to take another pregnancy test. This time it was positive. WE were so surprised and so EXCITED! We just thought we would always need fertility treatments to get pregnant and it was a miracle we were able to conceive a baby without medical intervention! We feel so blessed.

Since Ryder was born at 34 weeks all my pregnancies are considered high risk! so I have lots of dr apts. WE have had several ultrasounds at this point and the consensus has been the same at all of them "we think its a girl, but were not positive" Todays ultrasound tech seemed a little more sure it was a girl but still isnt 100% positive!? So its hard to plan for sure but we think its a girl?

I don't even know what we will do with a girl?! We are so used to boys at this time in our lives! WE would have so much fun with a girl!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rustin is two!

Rustin is a little fire ball!

He is stubborn and loud and witty and hilarious and has the best laugh in the world. He can make me so mad one moment and cracking up laughing the next. He loves to be involved in anything and everything. He loves learning new things! He is talking more and more every day! He loves trains and trucks and riding bikes and playing out side. His best friend is his brother Ryder he thinks he can and should do everything Ryder is doing! They play together and fight together and have the best times together!

Rustin recently has become obsessed with Olaf from the movie Frozen. So we decided to throw him an olaf party! I really wish we would have taken more pictures, because we had a blast making and gathering things for this party and it was quite evident that day! Rustin really loved his party and all the people that came to celebrate with us!

My cousin Kyle is one of Rustins favorite people in the whole world, thats why he is the one helping rustin with opening his presents! :)

I can't believe my baby is two! We are so blessed to have this wild crazy courageous loving mamas boy in our lives!