Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Christmas was a big day, so fun to have a 9 month old and a two year old at christmas time. Both boys were so happy and excited, it was a special day. :) A very busy day, but very special. We were surrounded by family,food, and christmas magic.
I almost dreaded christmas this year. Knowing we had no money to spend on presents, feeling bad that my kids wouldn't get all the stuff they deserved. We have had a tough year, and I felt like Christmas would emphasize that. Although, to my surprise, it did the opposite.

On Christmas eve the doorbell rang, I was helping Ryder in the bathroom, and Rob was just coming in the house from the garage, he was putting car seats in the car, from the truck, so we could go look at lights with the boys. So no one hurried to the door, both figuring the other one would get it....

Well when we finally made it to the door, we were surprised, shocked, grateful, amazed. There on our door step was many gifts all addressed to Ryder and Rustin. My boys had a very good christmas because of this anonymous secret santa. I am very grateful that someone would take the time money and effort to make my boys have a good christmas, and be able to receive things they needed and wanted that we did not have the means to provide....

I realized there have been many tender mercies to help us through this tough year, I was reminded I need to focus on the blessings we have received and not the hardships. :) I am very blessed to have the family that I do. We had a very good christmas-and it wasn't about the presents at all.:)