Monday, March 29, 2010

whats on my mind today! :)

In less than a week Rob and I will be in California. We are going to Disneyland and the beach to Celebrate our 1st Anniversary! I am so excited! I so need a vacation! I'm excited to be outside in a warm climate and be able to spend day after day with my hubby-no going to work for us next week-YAY!

Pizza..............I love it! I could eat pizza for every meal and be completely content! I love all kinds of pizza; ham and pineapple, pepperoni, combination, meat lovers, but my favorite pizza topping is grilled chicken! (a little odd, i know, but heck its delicious!) So, you may be asking yourself, why is she talking about her love of pizza? Because, I am bugged that i love it so much that I have these random cravings where I need it, and if I don't get it asap I cannot stop thinking about it until i get to eat some pizza. Tonight was one such instance. I wanted pizza and nothing else. I even made my husband one dinner (because he wasn't in the mood for pizza) and my husband-because he is so nice and very used to my obsessive cravings- went and picked me up a pizza! The best and only way to eat pizza is when you can dip it in wild coyote light ranch! :) mmm..............I love pizza!

Cooking! I used to love to cook and love to experiment with new recipes. But, lately I am just not in the mood. I don't know what my deal is? I seriously have to force myself to cook. Well thats the end of that thought sorry it was so short. If you have any quick easy delicious recipes I'd love new ideas. Maybe new ideas would give me the extra incentive I need to want to cook again and get out of my silly rut!

Blogging! I used to rarely blog, like once every few months or so. Lately, however I have blogged a ton. I used to think that I had to have some exciting experience to blog about. Instead the last few times I have blogged I have just written about my life and my thoughts etc etc. whether its exciting or boring, because whatever it is, it's ME! So, there ya go! P.S. Since i have changed that I have enjoyed blogging a ton more!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Randomness of late

I have a few funny/interesting experiences that have occurred lately that I thought would be a fun subject to blog about.

One day last week I decided to make Rob a lunch and go to his work and pick him up and then we could go to the park and eat together. We went to the park, and it was a beautiful day and so nice and relaxing! (I know your wondering what the interesting part is, but don't worry it's coming.) So, we are sitting there enjoying the nice weather and just being together, when we hear someone singing. There was a guy, a grown man probably around fifty years old, walking around the park singing old songs at the top of his lungs! It was hilarious and a little creepy! He just kept walking around and singing songs as loud as he could. (he he he it made me giggle)

So the other day I just got done with a couple haircuts and we were sitting on the couch chatting when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was a guy standing there. He didn't say anything just stood there. I finally said hi to break the weird awkward silence. Then he steps around me to step in the house looks around then steps back out. The whole time I am thinking who is this guy and what is he doing. Finally, he looks at me and says "this isn't the Foote's house is it? (The Foote's are our neighbors that live in the other side of the duplex we live in.) I just found it weird how we stepped in and looked around my house before he said anything?
This isn't really a story as much as just a random fact! I am addicted to the game Rummikub. Seriously, Rob and I play it at least once every day (no joke!) I've been addicted to it for about 6 months but more intensely the last 2 months. I love that you have to think and strategize but there is also a lot of luck involved too. I don't like games that are too hard because of all the thinking, but a little thinking is fun!

Okay, sorry this blog may not be the most interesting, but my life is kinda boring sometimes, but hey thats better than drama any day! ha ha and i just wanted to share a few random stories anyway, so there ya go! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Silly Dilemma

So, those of you that know me well know that i am scared to death of dogs. I am not a pet person, and most animals frighten the daylights out of me. We moved to a new neighborhood last week with very friendly neighbors. Well today one of these friendly neighbors came to ask if I could watch her dog while she goes out of town next week. I didn't know what to say? Dogs and pets in general scare me, but I am a nice person and could never think of saying no to a kind neighbor. So I swallowed hard pasted a smile on my face and said, "Of course, I'd love to." So for four days I will be taking care of a neighbors dog-just going over there and feeding him, and letting him outside, giving him treats, etc etc.
I just don't know what to do in situations like these! No is a hard word for me to say. I do not like to disappoint people. I am such a people pleaser! Sometimes I wish I could just say no. But, on the other hand, even if I did say no I think I would feel incredibly guilty? (I am not only a people pleaser, but a very easily guilt-ed person also.) Heck, maybe its good for me to get over my silly fears buck up and not be so scared of everything? I don't think the dog will hurt me, I am sure my husband will help me take care of this neighbors dog.... maybe i just worry too much? But, seriously what's a nice girl to do when someone asks her to do a simple task she just doesn't want to do?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Life is good!

Last Wednesday we spent our first night in our new place! It's always weird to spend a "first night" at a new place. There is new sounds and new silences and everything smells different and feels different. The first few nights I felt as if i was just staying at someone else's house. Although, as the days go by, it is starting to feel a lot more like home!
I like having a giant pantry and a bigger kitchen! I enjoy having a yard and a garage. I love that I have been able to find places for all my stuff and have been able to put stuff away that never even got pulled out of boxes at my old place.
We love our new ward already! After going to it for only two weeks we feel more welcomed and loved than we ever did in our old ward. I love that we can walk to church. It is only like a five minute walk, if that?
I didn't know if I would like living in the middle of St. George. I really enjoyed living in Washington.However, I think I am going to like living here. Nothing is as close as it used to be (like Walmart and Costco and Rob's work) But now we are closer to family and closer to places in town, and Walmart and Costco aren't that far away, and rob doesn't mind the drive to work.
We are loving getting settled and unpacked in our new home. We both are excited to have a bigger, newer, nicer place. We are both doing well with work and other activities. We are planning a California Trip next month for our anniversary! We are both looking forward to a vacation! This move has been alot of work and we are in some desperate need of relaxation!