Saturday, March 12, 2011

26 weeks!

In the first picture I am 19 weeks in the second picture I am 24 weeks.

So I am now 26 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like I have been pregnant forever, other times the due date feels so soon. I am so excited to meet my baby boy. On the other hand sometimes I don't feel quite prepared? My pregnancy is going well so far and Rob and I are enjoying preparing for Ryder's arrival. :)

I guess I am too easily persuaded by peer pressure. I feel ginormous in both of these pictures and feel weird about posting them, but people kept asking to see pregnant pictures of me. who knows why? P.s. Rob and I had a hard time taking these pictures, after taking multiple pictures and me not liking how any of them turned out Rob gave up and told me I looked fine in all of them and didn't understand why I was so upset?! Silly pregnancy hormones!