Monday, September 26, 2011

Ryder our favorite!

This last weekend we had the opportunity to go up north. We went up Thursday after rob got off work. We stayed with my sister in Payson. On Friday we were able to hang out with our friends Alyssa and Shyrel and on Saturday we went to pizza pie cafe. We love pizza pie cafe, it has all you can eat pizza and pasta and salad. It has amazing desserts and it is pretty good price for all the great quality food you get.
It was so fun to hang out with my sister and her kids. They loved having little Ryder around! We went to Cabella's on Saturday and after that hung out with Some of Rob's family for the rest of Saturday. On Sunday we went to Rob's Uncle and Aunt's homecoming from their mission in southern Africa.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Four months!

I can't believe Ryder is four months old! I have been a mom for four months! Crazy! I love being a mom! I love my little Ryder. Every day with him is a new adventure! He is getting so big so fast. He loves to kick in the bath he loves to kick toys and he loves to kick when being held, he just loves to kick! He likes sitting in his bumbo and sitting in his swing , but his favorite place to be is on the floor so he can kick and play, he does this silly scooting thing on his back, he can turn in circles and move a couple feet up or down all while on his back! He loves to laugh and laughs all day long every day. He loves his little squeaky shoes especially when dad has him jump up and down in them and he jumps faster to make it squeak more!! He sure is a talker! Loves to be social and tell baby stories in gibberish! At his four month well child appointment he was 15 lbs 14 oz and 27 inches tall! A big boy for only four months!! you would never guess he was a premie! For the past two months he has slept through the night he goes to bed between 730-830 and wakes up around 7. He hardly ever cries and mostly has a pretty chill personality alot like his dad but he loves to be social like his mom! I will hopefully post cute pictures of him this weekend!