Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas and tender mercies

The third sunday in November we sat across from the bishop in tithing settlement. He asked how we were doing. We answered we are struggling but doing ok. He asked how prepared for christmas we were. I teared up as I answered, "I have no idea what we are going to do for christmas!?

He smiled and assuredly spoke, "we will take care of you, please don't worry!"

I was embarrased relieved and filled with guilt and a sense of peace as we left his office that day.

We have had so many trials since we moved to Bountiful.

Robs pay at his part time job has been inconsistent and added a lot of stress to our lives.

I am so lonely here without my friends and family that I have always had so close.

I have had to do so many things that throw me out of my comfort zone

I wanted to skip Christmas and not think of my responsibility as a parent to provide Christmas for my children.

I feel there is so many other people in the world that need so much more than us. I hate to accept help. But I'm grateful for those willing to help especially for the sake of my children.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, there was a knock on the door. I had woken up with a sore back this particular day. As the day progressed I could barely move, Ryder (my 5 year old) was feeding the younger children (cereal & p b &j's) and I don't think one of my kids had pants on. Who needs pants when we are all at home and mom can barely move without excruciating pain.

So The pants-less boys answered the door to a stranger who asked for their parents. I struggled to the door to find people I did not recognize. I was disoriented from my pain and did not fully comprehend what our visitors purpose was. They asked where Rob was I told them at work. They (a man and his wife) proceeded to bring in two very large plastic totes filled with diapers, wipes, toilet paper, laundry detergent, food, snacks, and treats. Then they brought in giant bags filled with wrapped gifts. I was so grateful and so humbled and wondered who would do such a generous thing. Then I thought back to the Bishop's words and assumed it was his doing.

Fast forward a few weeks to 2 days before Christmas. The bishop called and asked if he could bring some christmas gifts over that evening.
He was kind and humble and brought by the gifts and some cash to help us through the holidays. I was grateful and so apppreciative but perplexed. If he was giving me this now. Who was responsible for the previous delivery of gifts and goods?

Then Christmas eve night the door bell rang. We couldn't even open our front door there was so much stuff on our porch. Clothes and games for the kids, cash, and lots and lots of food of every kind.

I didn't know anyone knew us here. I can't believe the generosity and kindness of those around us. My kids had an amazing christmas because of the generosity of others. I hope some day when we are no longer students and are more established in life I can repay the generosity and kindness that has been shown to us this christmas!!

I wish I could thank each and everyone who contributed to our christmas, but I really have no idea who did such a wonderful service to our family. but it really helped us more than anyone coudl know, and i am so grateful for all we have been blessed with.

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  1. This made my cry! It sounds like you have some amazing people around you. I miss you!