Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Current adventure

We live in Bountiful Utah.

Bountiful is a wonderful little town. Everything is so close. Costco, walmart, Smiths, Michaels, Ross, Target, Cosmo Prof, dollar tree, all of these stores are like less than 5 minutes away from where we live. We are liking our ward. Rob is a home teaching coordinator. I am on the Relief society activity committee. WE are enjoying our low key callings. The boys have lots of neighbor friends to play with. We live within walking distance to Ryder's school. We walk often, but not so much lately, as its been too cold to take raelee out in the weather?!

Raelee is walking/running talking and learning new words and new tricks everyday. She thinks she has mastered the stairs but it makes me so nervous to watch her.

Ryder is loving kindergarten and doing so well. It is fun to watch him read and write sentences!

Rustin is rambunctious and hilarious and frustrating as ever! WE are still working on potty training- seriously it may be the death of me... I thought he would be potty trained a year ago?! He is witty and coordinated especially for a 3 year old.

Rob is doing great in school. There is a lot of homework and studying required and he soars through it all. he is getting A's in all his classes. His first semester ends at the end of this week. He is working at The Larry H Miller Dealership here in Bountiful. It is only 5 blocks away from where we live and they work wonderfully with his school schedule.

The snow is a new adventure for us, but it hasnt been too bad yet? :)

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