Saturday, December 10, 2016

Every day miracles in mom life

Potty training my first son, Ryder, was easy. A little effort a little planning and jelly beans and he was potty trained at 2 years old with no accidents and we never looked back.

When my next son came along I assumed it would be as easy!?

So when Rustin turned two years old I was determined and maybe a little excited.

He was going to be potty trained! And then he refused. He wasn't scared of the potty. He wasn't confused, he understood the concept.. He just refused. He was stubborn and didnt want to be bothered.

Over the past year and a half I have had moments of hope where he would go an hour or two without an accident. Sometimes he would even go on his own accord without me asking him to go. but mos tof the time he would cry and scream and only go potty in the toilet after screaming crying and being draged there. so it wasn't a positive experience for anyone.

I tried charts.

I tried treats.

I tried toys, shoes undies, bribery is every aspect ha!

none of it worked....

so I tried the opposite

no video games til you pee in the potty

no tablet time

still didn't work just made me feel like a bad mom who takes away too much..

But today, friends!!! Today, well it began yesterday, he gets excited to wear undies... he goes to the bathroom on his own by himself EVERYTIME!!!! He has had the ability to be potty trained for over a year just didnt want to. But THIS TIME it was his idea!! :) HE is offically potty trained! I hope this continues, but I really think it will stick this time becuase it was HIM not me that instigated this potty training for the 100th time!! :)

YAY for Rustin (and for mom) He is potty trained who cares if he is 3 1/2 at least its finally occured.

It's crazy to believe the things that excite me. but today I am excited by the fact the Rusty has the abilty to wear undies without aciidents!! YAY!

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